Sadiq Khan For London 2021
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Developed campaign storyline
Helped election victory

Sadiqs team came back to us to create another film for his only TV ad of the London Mayor campaign. We proposed 3 concepts. This one was based around the idea of Sadiq personifying London, so that a vote for Sadiq was in fact a vote for the city. 

We took Sadiq back to the South London estate where his journey began, and shot with a combination of an Arri Mini on a rig and a Super8 to create an interesting look for the film.

Sadiq called it wonderful work and recognized it as an important part of a very successful campaign.

Executive producer/Director: Mark Lucas

Producer: Nathalie Kantaris Diaz

Assistant Producer: Nicole Georgiou

DOP: Josh Williams

Assistant Camera: Harold Williams

Editor: Toby James

Assistant Camera: Harold Williams 

Editor: Toby James

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