We’ve been nominated for The Grierson Awards 2019!

Our recent Mental Health film has been rightly nominated for a Grierson Documentary Award. If you haven’t seen it it’s the story of Alastair Campbells’ attempts to find a cure for his Depression. The Director, Peter Gauvain did an amazing job in weaving together Alastairs’ disparate reflections as he went through a cycle of depression over the course of 6 months. Alastair doesn’t like people using the word “Brave” but its’ hard to think of a better soubriquet for someone who opened up his whole personal life and series of difficult experiences to a film crew for no other purpose than to encourage debate and openness on the issue. The film has definitely had an impact – with positive reviews around the world and excellent viewing figures, but most importantly it is a genuine attempt to make the world a better place and to help change how mental health is viewed. If that doesn’t deserve a bloody award I don’t know what does!

Undercover in the Alt-Right Now on Prime!

Watch now on Amazon prime!

If you get a chance do check out our film “Inside the Alt Right” on Amazon, it is the remarkable story of a young gay activist from Sweden – Patrik Harmannson, who not only made contact with extremists in the UK and around the world but also became a trusted figure in the movement. Over the period of a year he wore a secret camera during meetings in the UK and on trips to the US. Backed up by his handler Joe Mulhall from Hope not Hate his journey culminated in him being attacked by Antifa supporters at Charlottesville. It was a tough film to make – piecing together a storyline from undercover footage with a main character who was both extremely brave but also incredibly shy. We learnt a lot from the experience but also hope it adds to the voices of sanity in what seems increasingly to be a crazy world.

‘Gollum’s Brexit’ Wins Creative Circle Award

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It is more than 6 months now since we made “Gollums Brexit” with Andy Serkis. While the viewing figures have hit over 30 million we are still reflecting what kind of impact it made. True we came up with the idea and wrote the script over a weekend and true we made it for almost zero budget and in the space of a week, so perhaps we shouldn’t ask too much of it. On the other hand it did seem to help define a moment in British politics and showed how comedy can cut through in a way no other format can. It is a bit of a head scratcher as to why there isn’t more satire given the strange times we live in – maybe it is just so mad that even comedy can’t break through but I am not sure that’s’ true. Democracy requires us to challenge our leaders not only with our protests but also with our laughter. Dom Minghella who wrote and directed is a genius to my mind as well as being a great friend, and it is amazing what a small group of people can do when nobody minds who gets the credit. Watch out for the sequel!

Gollum’s Brexit

We had decided that the conversation on Brexit had become stale, with no one agreeing and political decisions being made that the public had no way of understanding. We thought the best way to cut through that political noise was satire Within two days we had contacted Andy Serkis, written a script and found a willing location. This film now has 29 million views across platforms and was broadcast online globally. We feel it was a little bit of comedy and lightheartedness that the country had been craving.

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29 Million Views


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7.7 Million Views on UNILAD

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Depression & Me


BBC Two Documentary

In an intensely personal and often surprising film for BBC Two, Depression And Me, Alastair Campbell explores if radical new treatments can stop his depression. it will be aired later on in 2019.

See it on the BBC Website

This is a subject that affects families across the UK, and I would like to thank Alastair for this frank and important exploration of the impact of mental health conditions on us all
— Patrick Holland, Controller, BBC Two
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Undercover in the Alt-Right

International Doc

We went undercover in the Alt-Right movement in the UK and US. Patrick our presenter spent months gaining access deeper and deeper into the organisation, eventually arriving at the Charlottesville Rally.

Featured in The New York Times…

Featured in The New York Times…