Gollum’s Brexit

We had decided that the conversation on Brexit had become stale, with no one agreeing and political decisions being made that the public had no way of understanding. We thought the best way to cut through that political noise was satire Within two days we had contacted Andy Serkis, written a script and found a willing location. This film now has 29 million views across platforms and was broadcast online globally. We feel it was a little bit of comedy and lightheartedness that the country had been craving.

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29 Million Views


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7.7 Million Views on UNILAD

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Depression & Me


BBC Two Documentary

In an intensely personal and often surprising film for BBC Two, Depression And Me, Alastair Campbell explores if radical new treatments can stop his depression. it will be aired later on in 2019.

This is a subject that affects families across the UK, and I would like to thank Alastair for this frank and important exploration of the impact of mental health conditions on us all
— Patrick Holland, Controller, BBC Two

Undercover in the Alt-Right

International Doc

We went undercover in the Alt-Right movement in the UK and US. Patrick our presenter spent months gaining access deeper and deeper into the organisation, eventually arriving at the Charlottesville Rally.

Featured in The New York Times…

Featured in The New York Times…

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All credit goes to Silverfish – 7m views so far UNILAD

BEST FILM EVER Alastair Campbell”

Just wanted to say another big thanks for the videos for the March. They were truly brilliant. James McGrory Director peoples vote

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