Hate Crime – George the Poet

We made this film for EHRC’s campaign against hate crime. This being such a pressing issue and something that is so common with a majority of cases being unreported, we wanted to make something that was current and inspiring using a poetic format with voice that really spoke to people and encouraged them to stand up against hate crime.

We came up with the concept of spoken word poetry working with the fantastic director Matthew Huntley.

The EHRC needed to make a film that changed perceptions. We chose George the Poet who is an award winning spoken-word artist, poet and rapper with an interest in social and political issues. We worked with him to write a bespoke, thought provoking piece for this film, exploring the subject of hate crime before calling on society to come together to challenge and report incidents of hate.

The film has been extremely successful with over 34,000 views on youtube. Even though it was made two years ago it is still used today.