We worked with Hanover Communications and the healthcare brand Novartis to come up with this film. The idea was to present the theme of partnerships and show how great partnerships can change the world.

We developed the idea and wrote a script based around the relationship between a blind runner and their guide. Looking at what they can achieve when they work together. We contacted visually impaired running groups from all over the UK, speaking with various runners and their guides to find the perfect team for this film. 

We filmed them at an athletics track in London, and it was inspiring to see them run together. We took a cinematic approach in the visuals of this film, wanting it to look like an advert rather than a corporate film.

This key idea of their partnership being inspirational and powerful as they work together to achieve a great goal is something we reflected within the medicine world for this film. Using the partnership between Novartis and the NHS to work towards changing the world of medicine.

Executive producer: Mark Lucas 

Director: Toby James 

Producer: Nicole Georgiou 

Assistant Producer: Nathalie Kantaris Diaz

DOP: Luke Szubert 

Editor: Toby James