We worked with The National Lottery Community Fund and the Fulfilling Lives programmes as they came to a close, showcasing the amazing work that has been done between them and the legacy they have left.

We made two short films that focused on individuals with lived experience who now work within the fulfilling lives programmes to help change the lives of others in positions similar to their past. 

We interviewed multiple possible contributors online, learning about them and their worlds. We selected two individuals who have experienced multiple disadvantage and are now working within the programmes as Experts by Experience, whose stories of and experiences were best suited to the films we wanted to make.

We worked closely with these individuals, hearing their views and ideas, which we incorporated into the films. Our main goal in this process was to ensure each individual had an accurate representation. 

We travelled around the UK to the hometowns of our selected contributors, visiting places that had strong personal connections to them and hearing about their personal lives and experiences of hardship in depth.

We decided to take a mixed media approach for this film. We used a blend of digital and film footage as well as animation to help enhance the feelings of the story. 

These films were shared at the Fulfilling Lives closing conference. There was a great reception from the audience and the contributors, who felt the films had a great impact on their lives and helped them as they could share their experiences in a way that they would be heard and possibly help others in the future. 

Executive Producer: Mark Lucas 

Director/Producer: Nicole Georgiou 

Assistant Producer: Josh Cooper 

DOP: Mark Moreve 

Assistant camera: Connor Harris 

GFX: Tabitha Moore & Sandra Clua 

Editor: Louise Macgregor