Undercover In The Alt Right: Trailer

We worked with SVT to create an hour-long documentary about a young man called Patrick Hermansson. He had been secretly infiltrating the Alt-Right in the UK and US, getting closer to the organisation whilst wearing a hidden camera.

We open the documentary in Charlottesville, Virginia. 2017. It’s the “Unite the Right” demonstration and is really the end of our story.

We then go to the beginning, Patrik Hermansson began his mission by creating a false identity called Erik Hellberg, a right-wing student, looking to get more involved with UK politics. We follow Patrik as he forms a close bond with Stead Steadman, a prominent person in the UK movement, who becomes the key enabler for the infiltration. Patrik meets Alt-right figures and we learn how the movement targets disaffected young white men in the hope that they will become part of the fight against Liberalism. He becomes so trusted by the orgnaisation that he travels to the US to meet more members higher up in the chain. Finally resulting in Patrick’s participation in the Charlottesville demonstration, here he questions his own role in this experience and with the death Heather Heyer, he decides its time to reveal who these people really are.


This film was released on Amazon Prime and received some great reviews.

Watch the full film here – https://vimeo.com/290702471/6d8983e049